A Game Changer for the Billion Dollar Gift Industry

Festive season is (always) around the corner. This means it’s time to think about gifts. Coming out with gift ideas for everyone can be stressful. Fret not, Camdy, a personalised gift marketplace startup, is here to help. Not only are Camdy’s gifts unique, they also carry a deeper meaning.


An Honest Conversation on Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Would Face in 2018

In 2015, the life of Angeline Chin was at a turning point when she decided to give up her full-time corporate career to focus more of her attention on her then 7-year-old daughter. As a full-time mother, you typically have a few hours to spare when your kids are in school or out for activities, and Angeline decided to make full use of those hours. The result? She found purpose and meaning. And now, she is set out to support other women who may be going through the same situation. Angeline wants to help because she knows too well that the journey will not be an easy one.

An App Launched in Asia to Revolutionise the Way We Make Friends

There are things in life we simply don’t want to do alone, such as playing squash, travelling to Bali, and eating donuts. We want to be able to crack jokes, laugh till our faces hurt, and slip into the joy of companionship. However, quality company is hard to come by these days. As a result, we would forever be putting off those things that “we have always wanted to do” and end up not doing it at all. Fret not, here comes an app.