Indonesia’s Chronic Crop Data Problem Solved by Blockchain

Indonesia has been a victim of unreliable crop data, and this has hindered the optimality of its agricultural sector. This nation has been grappling with the lack of accurate data when it comes to issues, such as crop output. HARA, a Jakarta-based startup, seeks to address this challenge by deploying blockchain technology.

According to Bloomberg, HARA has started utilizing blockchain in collecting and managing farm data, such as pest infestation, grains transaction, soil and crop conditions, cultivation process, and land ownership. 

Regi Wahyu, HARA’s CEO, notes that blockchain will be instrumental in enhancing farmers’ livelihood as they will be given more insights based on the data collected.

Wahyu stipulated:

“Our mission is to provide rural smallholders access to various farm goods, financing and crop insurance. The holy grail for accessibility is availability of accurate and transparent data which can help farmers in getting loans to finance their production.”

HARA intends to work together with Indonesia’s Agriculture Minister in developing reliable agriculture data through blockchain. -Blockchain.News

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