Alibaba’s Dingtalk now Available in English & It Aims to Help Malaysian’s SMEs Improve Efficiency

DingTalk, Alibaba Group’s (NYSE: BABA) proprietary enterprise communication and collaboration platform, today announced the launch of DingTalk in English.

Created in January 2015, DingTalk is Alibaba’s proprietary enterprise communication and collaboration platform that enables text, photo, voice and video communication, workflow management and collaboration among team members and enterprises of various sizes. More than 5 million companies and organizations in China are currently using DingTalk. The mission of DingTalk is to empower small and medium enterprises with mobile and cloud technologies to enjoy simple, efficient and secure business communications and collaboration.

DingTalk aims to enhance communications and redefine collaborations for businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises

Hugo Zhu, Chief Technology Officer of DingTalk said, “Malaysia is the first market that DingTalk is venturing into where our focus is very much on building the necessary support foundation for enterprises who aim to step-change their business communications. We are building a local service network and operational support team. This is to ensure corporations and enterprises in Malaysia have the necessary support to optimise their communication and collaborations effort. The English version of the application will pave the way for Malaysian SMEs towards a more secure, efficient business environment.”

Equipped with cutting edge technology, DingTalk is a revolutionary platform providing SMEs with a simple, efficient and secure platform for collaboration. Currently available on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows operating systems, DingTalk offers organisational-centric functions and features aimed at improving business-to-business communication and collaboration:

  • Unified Communications – supports audio, video and/or conference calls for up to 3,000 parties in a single call; integrated emails, chats and message reminder features; voice and video services are currently only available via VoIP for users outside of China;
  • Office Automation – allows businesses to manage attendance, make approvals, maintain business reports, send files of up to 700MB in size;
  • Internal and External Collaboration – businesses can book and host meetings, manage CRM information, create tasks and service tickets, set up private chat and more;
  • Open Platform – allows third-party SaaS applications and services to be integrated with DingTalk and provide an enterprise service ecosystem for SMEs;
  • ISO security certification – Dingtalk is one of the first Chinese apps to have obtained the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard, a globally recognized data security benchmark. That means data is encrypted at SSL/TLS security standards to provide high-level communications protection.

“Our endeavour is to empower small and medium-sized businesses so they can scale and become part of the global marketplace,” Zhu added. “Technology is so powerful that it has the ability to transform and help businesses enhance their operations. With DingTalk, we will enable organisations to seamlessly communicate and collaborate across locations, thereby increasing productivity. We believe that this is the future of the workplace, and we see immense potential in helping businesses redefine their workplace connectivity.

“By making Malaysia the first overseas market of DingTalk, we hope to work collaboratively with SME partners here in encouraging them to digitalise their business and succeed in the new era, which is in line with our eWTP (Electronic World Trade Platform) vision to provide the right tools and technology to enhance businesses in the country. DingTalk is a platform that combines all workplace tools in one place, allowing collaborations and tracking on both the employer and employee’s level. With the English version of the application, we believe the SMEs and corporations in Malaysia will find collaborative nature of DingTalk fits nicely and enhances their business operations.”

The goal is to create a secure and effective platform which is mobile-optimized while offering cloud-based office automation solutions and freeing companies from the costs of building or buying software and maintaining their own servers for business communications, workflow management and data storage.

Currently, DingTalk serves businesses across sectors such as e-commerce, manufacturing, education and finance, providing them with a growing slate of business-centric functions.

For more information, please refer to the Dingtalk official website: https://www.dingtalk.com/en

Photo Caption: Hugo Zhu, Chief Technology Officer of DingTalk

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