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Don’t Miss Out on the Chance to Own a Piece of Asia’s Future Health & Wellness Empire

PurelyB, Asia’s leading holistic wellness community and content guide, has recently launched an equity crowdfunding (ECF) campaign on Ata Plus, a licensed ECF platform, with a maximum target of RM2.7 million. However, for PurelyB, this is more than just an ordinary fundraising campaign.

For a community-based business such as PurelyB, success depends greatly on how well the company can engage their members in a deeper and more meaningful manner. This is what PurelyB’s ECF campaign is all about. A part from extending its reach to a wider community, PurelyB wants to reward their loyal members by offering them an opportunity to own a part of the company.

“Fundraising via ECF is a part of our marketing strategy to acquire new customers and strategic partners. More importantly, it is our way of showing gratitude to our loyal members and fans by giving them an opportunity to own a piece of a business that they believe in,” said Raja Jesrina, CEO and Co-Founder of PurelyB.

“The past 2 years have been an incredible journey, achieving a growth of 1,000% from 10,000 to 100,000 monthly users, and attracting a global audience in a short span of time! This all would not have been possible without the support of our community,” Raja Jesrina added.

Quality Speaks

In any industry, credible and reliable contents are hard to come by these days. PurelyB’s ability to do that is what makes people gravitate towards them. 

Within days of campaign launch on Ata Plus, PurelyB has raised RM1.3 million from members residing in Malaysia, Singapore, UK, China, Canada, UAE and India.

PurelyB promises to provide trusted and credible content, guidance and tools, which are created by the best wellness experts. The company wants to help communities in Asia overcome health issues and improve quality of life by making it easy to adopt a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

“We know their pain points, now more than ever people want to live healthier but they lack the time, guidance and support. With the help of the community we can bring our solutions to a wider audience globally and together, make a bigger impact in transforming people’s quality of life.” Raja Jesrina, CEO & Co-Founder of PurelyB

In less than 2 years, the PurelyB brand has quickly become a regional leader in health and wellness content, with its total community of 1.3 million users spanning across the Asia Pacific (Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Australia) and beyond (North America, UK, Middle East) despite all it’s efforts to date focused only on Malaysia.

At just 4-months old, it received the Red Herring International Award as one of the “Top 100 Startups in Asia”, a prestigious list honouring the most promising technology ventures in Asia. Soon after, PurelyB was selected to be one of only 20 Malaysian startups for the e@Stanford Entrepreneurship Program at Stanford University. It was also recognised as one of MDeC’s Top 20 Startups in Malaysia list for 2016-2017. In the same year, PurelyB made a strategic acquisition of Singapore-based yoga website “Stretch City”, in preparation for their expansion to Singapore this year.

An Empire in the Making

PurelyB’s equity crowdfunding campaign is unique as it offers both equity and reward elements. Not only can the investor own shares in the company, PurelyB, is adding a sweetener to the offer, where investors also stand to gain from 10% up to 50% lifetime discounts of all its products and services, depending on the investment amount.

“The funds raised from the ECF Campaign will contribute towards our overall funding strategy to finance our exciting growth and expansion plans across 5 new markets Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Middle East and Australia and strengthen our customer base further. The plans include revamping our platform with new interactive features, launch new services from new premium health programmes to a growing library of engaging video content and more, all tailored to the needs of our customers,” said Raja Jesrina.

The ECF campaign on Ata Plus is PurelyB’s second fundraising exercise since it secured a RM2.1mil in seed funding from 3 investors in 2015, led by 500 Startups, a Silicon-Valley based venture capitalist fund.

Invest Now

Visit www.ata-plus.com/deals/Purelyb to take part in PurelyB’s ECF campaign.

Closing date: 3rd September 2017

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