Why Japan’s Leading IT Firm Decides to Invest in Indonesia

Norihiro Takehara, President & CEO of Infocom, told the crowd at the opening of GnB Accelerator Demo Day Batch #01 why the company decided to invest in Indonesia.

Infocom has been around for 30 years, leading the information and communication fields in Japan. The company has a wide range of specialties and provides products to both consumers and enterprises.

Infocom’s involvement would add tremendous values to startups in Southeast Asia. The company offer mobile first e-commerce experiences and digital content for consumers, and for enterprises, they help develop IT systems, provide system development, and create operation management services. Infocom also offer IT consulting to mobile phone providers, hospitals, public offices, schools, research organisations, and other businesses.

The company recently teamed up with Fenox Venture Capital, a leading VC firm headquartered in Silicon-Valley, to create the GnB Accelerator in Indonesia. GnB just successfully completed its first Demo Day on Friday, 19 August 2016, in Jakarta.

At the opening of the Demo Day, Takehara told the attendees that Japan is still a huge market but Infocom has decided to focus on Indonesia.

“Japanese society is ageing very rapidly. For people walking on the street, one of four is older than 65, or may be 62, said Takehara.

In addition, he said that Japan society is also very efficient, “It is very convenient, especially in Tokyo, transportation, payment, [and] logistics are quite good.”

“In a society with high convenience with an old guy mindset, it is not easy to make a new business,” Takehara expressed.

“On the other hand, Indonesia is an emerging market, it has a huge potential, a promising future, I would say. There are so many things to be done. And there are so many young people. It is a good thing. People call it population bonus,” Takehara said.

“Therefore, I would like to work together with your guys, and also, I’d like to make new businesses in an innovative way here in Indonesia. I am not only interested in profits but also the success of the business created by you and us,” Takehara concluded.

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